Love International is continually trying to help those in need.  We have completed many projects since our inception in the late 1980's.  Listed below are details of more recent projects and ministry events.

Love International School Mozambique
Location: Natikiri (Nampula) Mozambique Date: 24th September 2016
We have 377 children enrolled in school this year. Six teachers, an Administrator and two guards are employed. The feeding program continues. The school is valued by the parents and the community. We have endeavoured to establish a Medical Clinic on our land. The slab and walls have been poured and all the materials are on site ready for construction. Once appropriate arrangements can be made it is our intention to complete the building. Please continue to pray for the children and their families along with the staff.
Medical Clinic Natakiri
Location: Mozambique Date: 22.4.2015
On 3rd April 2015 a team of six men will travel to Mozambique to complete a Medical Clinic on the Love International land at Natikiri, Nampula, Mozambique. It is expected that the Medical Clinic will have an enormous impact on the region, especially with the children where so many die from preventable diseases. Please pray for the team and the process to register the Medical Clinic.
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Love International School Natikiri
Location: Mozambique Date: 22.4.2015
There are 380 children enrolled at the school in 2015. The increased numbers has resulted in additional costs for school uniforms,teaching staff and general expenses to run the school. New school uniforms have been purchased for the children. Please pray for the children, teachers, guards and Moises who oversees the school. Pray for the necessary finances to run the school.
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Love International School, Natikiri
Location: Mozambique Date: February 2014
Our administrator Moises Arao reports that this year the school has started with 266 enrolments. There are 6 teachers covering Grades 1 - 5.
Medical Clinic for Mozambique
Location: Brisbane Date: 17th April 2014
Bruce and Marg Knight are orgaising a team of 12 people who will travel to Nampula Mozambique 20th July - 18th August to build a Medical Clinic on the Love International land at Natikiri(Nampula). Various fund raising activities are being arranged to finance the Medical Clinic. There is still room for skilled people such as builders, welders and those involved in cement fabication. In Mozambique 350 cildren under the age of 5 die every day of preventable diseases.
Mission trip to Mozambique
Location: Mozambique Date: September 2013
Don & Olivia Stewart, Fergus Roberts and Sandi Meek will travel to Mozambique mid September for three weeks. Don will be conducting a Pastor,Leaders and Evangelist Conference followed by Crusade meetings in capital city of Maputo. Olivia, Fergus, Sandi and Don(after the ministry in Maputo) will be doing practical work on the school at Natikiri including painting the school, constructing divider walls for the classrooms, doing repairs and engaging with the community. We will also look at the viability of building and operating a medical clinic at Natikiri.
Evangelist Member of Luis Palau Alliance Ministries
Location: Date: 3rd September 2013
Don K Stewart has been accepted as member of the Luis Palau Alliance Ministries in 2012, working with other evangelists to reach the world for Jesus Christ. This provides the opportunity to work together to reach cities, States and countries with powerful message of Jesus Christ.
Outreach and Conferences for 2013
Location: Africa Date: 22nd January 2013
We have planned outreach for Africa in 2013. I may do a quick trip to India as well. It is our intention to do a Crusade in Nigeria followed by a National Youth Conference in Ghana. We may do a second Crusade in Ghana. In 2013 we will set up a Theological Bible College in Ghana. The team will take computers and E-books to assist the students. This will be followed by a Pastor and Leader Confernce in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique. God willing, we will do another Crusade in Mozambique either Maputo or another location. I have been mentoring four men for nearly one year. They will accompany me as part of the ministry team in 2013. Please pray for wisdom and strength and the finances to do the outreach in 2013.
Love International School Natikiri Mozambique
Location: Mozambique Date: 15th January 2013
In 2013 the Love International School Natikiri will have 350 students from grade one to five. This is an increase of 150 students on the previous year. We will employ six teachers in 2013, possibly seven due to a request from the Natikiri elders and community to have adult English classes. In 2013 we will introduce English to the grade five students. We will supply school uniforms for the children and continue the feeding the weekly feeding program for the children on Tuesdays and Fridays. We have purchased $1,000 worth of mosquito nets for the children. Malaria is a big health issue at Natikiri. It is our intension to send a team to build divider walls in the larger classrooms to cater for the increased classes. It is expected that Fergus Roberts and Olivia will head up a team to do this work in the second half of 2013. Please pray for the students and teachers and guards that 2013 will be a great year. Pray that the water pump at the school will be repaired quickly free of any pr
Medical Clinic Natikiri
Location: Mozambique Date: 3rd January 2012
Plans to build a Medical Clinic are before the Health Department. We await the approval to build. We also need finance to build the Medical Clinic. Our sincere thanks to those who support us - we do it together.
Love International School Natikiri
Location: Mozambique Date: 3rd January 2012
Over 200 students have enroled for the 2012 school year. We will increase the teaching staff to five teachers, two more than last year. In 2011 we educated 136 children with three teachers and 85% of the children passed their exams. This is exceptional and a credit to the teachers who spent extra time tutoring the students from their native language to understand Portuguese, the national language of Mozambique, the language used in the schools. We are grateful to the Board and teaching staff for giving these needy children a chance for a better life. Well done. Please pray for finances for the new teachers, books and other school material.
Requests for outreach
Location: Ghana, Kenya, Liberia ........ Date: 3rd December 2011
We have been asked to do a National Youth Conference in Ghana 2012. Kenya and several other countries are requesting Crusades and Pastor Leader Conferences in 2012. We need finances to meet these requests.
Official opening of Love International School Natikiri
Location: Mozambique Date: 3rd December 2011
The official opening of the school was a great success. The President of Napmula, the Governor's wife, Senator for Nampula, Government Officials and the News Team were present along with parents and students. Special thanks to the Mozambique board. More teachers will be required in 2012 and we will need additional finances for wages and the running costs of the school.
Crusades and Pastor Leader Conferences
Location: Date: 21st June 2011
Many countries are requesting Crusades and Pastor Leader Conferences. A priority will be Crusades and Conferences in Lahore, Pakistan in 2012. In Kenya Bishops have requested two more city-wide Crusades, one in conjunction with a Pastor Leader Conference involving 150 Church leaders from across Kenya, another involves a Conference for about 500 pastors.
Mozambique: Medical Clinic
Location: Mozambique Date: 21st June 2011
Building plans are being drawn up by Bruce Knight for a Medical Clinic for Natakiri(Nampula)Mozambique. Don will submit the plans in August and God willing the Medical Clinic will be built in 2012. Don will meet with the Love International board and teachers to plan for the 2012 school year and increased grades. An official opening for the school will take place while Don is in Mozambique with Government and local Council dignitaries and pastors in attendence. School uniforms have been made for the school children and the feeding program continues for the school children.
Theological Bible College, Liberia
Location: Date: 21st June 2011
A Theological Bible College has been planned for Monrovia, Liberia. With the help of Jeff Grant the college is ready to run under the oversight of Love International allowing students and pastors access to an accredited Theo Bth., Theo Ma., and Theo Doc. This is with view to training leaders who will reach into Northern Africa and Africa in general.
Crusades Nigeria, Ghana July - August
Location: Date: 24th March 2011
Don Stewart and team will travel to Emo State, Nigeria for a city-wide Crusade 28th to 31st July, preaching in other States in Nigeria before doing another Crusade in Ghana 5th to 11th August then travelling to Mozambique.
Evangelist Conference USA , Ghana Crusade postponed
Location: Date: 25th September 2010
In November 2010 Don will be in the USA for an Evangelist Conference. The Crusade planned for Ghana in October 2010 has been postponed to coincide with other Crusades and Conferences in Nigeria, 2011.
Bible College Monrovia, Liberia
Location: Date: 25th September 2010
We are looking at establishing a Theological Bible College in Monrovia, Liberia in 2011. The aim of the college will be to train pastors and leaders to reach Liberia and ultimately the northern countries Africa. Registration details for an NGO have already been attained and some books have been sent thanks to Don Fleming. Liberia is a country that has suffered enormously from civil war.
Natikiri School, Mozambique
Location: Date: 25th September 2010
Don will be in Mozambique in October to purchase new desks and arrange for new teachers for the 2011 academic year. Next year school grades will increase to cover Grades 1 to 5. We are currently providing education for 120 children and school enrolments will increase in 2011. We are also looking at the possibilities of establishing an orphanage on the land in 2011.
Love International School, Natakiri Mozambique
Location: Mozambique Date: 7th May 2010
The Natakiri school is progressing very well. The Government has asked if we can teach additional grades in 2011, grades 1 to 5. This will require more teachers, desks and chairs for the children. A "Holiday Club" will be held during the school holidays. "International Childrens Day" on 1st June will be a special day of celebration at the school. A feeding program will start for the children attending the school. There is need for tables and chairs for the teachers. Earlier this year we established a sports oval for the children. Please pray for the board, teachers, children, guards and provisions for the ongoing work of the school.
New School Year Preparations
Location: Natikiri, Mozambique Date: February 2010
Love International School, Natikiri has commenced the academic school year with the enrolment of 115 students. Grade 1 has 75 students and Grade 2 has 40 students. We have employed 2 teachers (male and female). The Education Director and Municipal Leaders expressed their sincere thanks for the help given to the people of Mozambique. More than 100 parents attended the inauguration of the adademic year.
New Toilets for the Love International School at Natakiri
Location: Natikiri, Mozambique Date: November 2009
Fergus Roberts, Bruce Knight and Don travelled to Nampula, Mozambique to construct new toilets for the Love International School at Natakiri.
Interdenominational Pastor and Leaders Conference
Location: Monrovia (Liberia) Date: November 2009
Don spoke at an interdenominational Pastor and Leaders Conference in Monrovia the capital city of Liberia.
Tsunami Aid
Location: Samoa Date: October 2009
Don travelled to Samoa to help families impacted by the tsunami. Each day food, cooking utensils, antiseptics, treats for the children and other necessities were supplied to families that seemingly had fallen through the cracks of the aid effort. One week after the disaster some families had no tents and were sleeping on the ground. Love International was officially registered with the Australian Embassy as part of the relief effort.