Over the last few years we have concentrated all our efforts in establishing a four classroom school in Mozambique.  The school is situated ten kilometres from the city of Nampula at Natakiri.  In 2009 the school commenced educating 34 orphaned and fatherless children.  In 2010 we will employ two teachers,  providing education  for 120 children.  The establishment of new toilets in December 2009 has made it possible for us to increase the class sizes.  If we had electricity, town water and additional teachers the school has a  potential of educating over 500 children each day.  We are seeking  to establish a way of feeding the children when they come to school.  This will increase their learning ability and encouraged school attendance.

Many of the children who attend the school remain stunted because their mothers did not receive adequate nourishment during pregnancy.   It is essential that these children receive immediate help in the first few years of life or the condition becomes permanent.  The school is a bridge to the wider community enabling us to establish more projects promoting better child care, hygiene,  horticulture, and skill training.

In the future we would like to establish a medical clinic at Natikiri  and  set up a project that will meet the needs of hundreds of street kids.