Though officially registered as a non profit organisation in 1995, Love International Ltd was conceived much earlier. In 1989 on a trip to Ghana there was a problem with my visa that resulted in me staying an extra week in Nairobi, Kenya. During this time I visited the slums that had a population similar to that of Brisbane, Australia at the time.

The images of children, hungry and dirty, are etched on my mind along with people living in absolute squalor. Sewerage flowed in the narrow lane ways that gave access to makeshift shacks made out of cardboard and anything else its residents could lay their hands on. These makeshift homes were not even big enough to lie down in.

Kenya is a country, like so many, where welfare is virtually non-existent. Abandoned wives are forced into prostitution to provide food for their children. This is virtually a death sentence where eight out of ten prostitutes have AIDS.

We began small, our first project helping to pay for school fees enabling children to get an education. Since then we have successfully provided aid and assistance to many more people less fortunate than us. In 1995, recognising our inability to provide these funds, we registered Love International Ltd. as a non-profit organisation in Australia. Since then we have continued to support the poor and needy.

Love International provided the funds and means to build a school for 90 children at Kilema near Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We also have a school in Nampula, Mozambique. We have supplied food in times of severe drought, saving people from certain starvation. Love International has saved the lives of many, and is providing a better quality of life for many more.

Love International is a member of Missions Interlink, a prominent and well respected organisation in Australia representing colleges, aid and missionary organisations.

Love International Ltd. is a small organisation. In the past we have gone about our business quietly, but now, as we aim to help more people in more ways than ever before, we need funds to help offset these ever increasing costs.

We need your help!

DK Stewart